Where we are today

ULCOS has selected four process concepts that could lead to a reduction of Carbon dioxide(CO2) emissions by more than half compared to current best practice. The four breakthrough technologies identified are:

  • Top Gas Recycling Blast Furnace with CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS)
  • HIsarna with CCS
  • ULCORED with CCS
  • Electrolysis

For the Top Gas Recycling Blast Furnace, HIsarna and ULCORED, the aim of a 50% reduction of Carbon dioxide(CO2) emissions can only be reached if each of these technologies is combined with Carbon Capture and Storage technology. Electrolysis requires the availability of Carbon dioxide(CO2)-free electricity in large quantities. Another option that might reduce the amount of Carbon dioxide(CO2) emissions in producing steel is the use of Carbon from Sustainable Biomass.