HIsarna smelter technology

HIsarna is a technology based on bath-smelting. It combines coal preheating and partial pyrolysis in a reactor, a melting cyclone for ore melting and a smelter vessel for final ore reduction and iron production. It requires significantly less coal usage and thus reduces the amount of Carbon dioxide(CO2) emissions. Furthermore, it is a flexible process that allows partial substitution of coal by biomass, natural gas or even Hydrogen(H2).

The three separate technologies associated with HIsarna have been proven independently at small scale.

Next steps

The next stage in the current programme is to commission an HIsarna pilot plant. The plant will allow the main technologies to be tested up to a capacity of 65.000 tons per year and more importantly, in working together in coupled operation. The pilot plant will be operational in early 2010. Additional work is continuing on using CCS and biomass technology in combination with HIsarna.

If successful, the plant will be further extended to a semi-industrial scale that will allow a capacity of 700.000 tons per year. This would require significant additional funding and would be addressed in ULCOS II.