The ULCOS program is run by a small member of partners called the core members which contribute to the budget beyond their own work. This project is coordinated by ArcelorMittal.

SSAB ruukki

Air Liquide SA, industrial gas producer, France
Danieli-Corus Technical Services BV (DCTS), equipment manufacturer, The Netherlands
Electricité de France (EDF), electricity producer, France
Ferrostaal AG, equipment manufacturer, Germany
Küttner GmbH, equipment manufacturer, Germany
Lhoist SA, lime producer, Belgium
Paul Würth, equipment manufacturer, Luxemburg
Svenskt Stål AB (SSAB), steel producer, Sweden
Statoil ASA, oil & natural gas producer, Norway
Siemens-VAI, equipment manufacturer, Austria
ALPHEA, Institute for hydrogen studies, France
ARMINES, Public Research Lab, France
VDEh BFI, Institute for Steel Studies, Germany
BRGM, National Institute Geology, France
CIRAD, National Institute Tropical Agriculture & Forestry, France
CRM, Institute for Steel Studies, Belgium
Centro Sviluppo Materiali SpA (CSM), Institute for Steel Studies, Italy
ECN, Institute for energy studies, the Netherlands
GEUS, Institute for Geological Surveys, Denmark
CSIC, Institute for Carbon studies, Spain
IPTS, European Joint Research Center, Spain
MEFOS, Institute for Metallurgical Research, Sweden
SINTEF, National research institute, Norway
SINTEF Petroleumforskning AB, National petroleum research, Norway
Fundacion LABEIN, National research institute, Spain
Biomass Technology Group BV (BTG), Biomass technology & consultancy, The Netherlands
Europlasma, Plasma torch manufacturer, France
GVS SpA, Membrane manufacturer, Italy
Metalysis Ltd, Electrolysis technology, UK
Universidade de Aveiro, University / electrolysis, Portugal
CNRS-LEPII, University / economy of natural resources, France
Universität Kassel, University, Germany
University of Leoben, Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy, Austria
LSG2M, University / process engineering, France
Luleå University of Technology, University / process engineering, Sweden
NTNU, University / electrolysis, Norway
SSSA, University / economy & management, Italy
RWTH Aachen University, Germany